Hotel zur Brücke
Viktor-Jakubowicz-Straße 11
47829 Krefeld-Uerdingen
+49 21 51 - 42 666
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  • Hotel Restaurant zur Brücke in Krefeld
  • Hotel Restaurant zur Brücke in Krefeld

Our Hotel

Hotel Restaurant zur Brücke

In a time, where personality and genuine cordiality are replaced  by fake interest, we are practizing the „old fashioned“ way. In our Hotel, which is with ist 29 rooms led by  our family, we create a warm  and good atmosphere.

Of course we are driven by high professionality. But it is based on our joyful passion and our efforts to be good hosts, rather than on a sober fulfillment of duties.

What we have to offer between Check-in and Check-out, is reason enough for guests from all over the world to book our hotel again and again. There couldn’t be a better compliment for our work.

Centrally situated


Krefeld-Uerdingen is  a secret escape for the clever traveler to reach the big cities in the Rhine-Ruhr-Area: Only 16 km to the Airport and the fairground in Dusseldorf, 30 km to Essen, 5 km to Duisburg, 20 km to Mönchengladbach – even the airport “Dusseldorf-Niederrhein” at Weeze is not far away… and a lot of headquarters of important industrial and service companies are nearby as well.

Our Hotel is an ideal starting point to find a quick and easy way to centers of life, business and culture for 3-4 million people.